nltk can't install data!

For whatever reason, nltk's automatic downloader is broken. And I'm trying to install a fresh copy, so I need to find out how to get around this:

Here's what I found:
  • the real data is on github
  • it likes to store things in ~/nltk_data/
  • you can manually install the files with strategic unzips
Anyway, here's a shell script-y solution:
cd ~  
mkdir -p nltk_data  
cd nltk_data  
git clone  
cd nltk_data/packages  
for d in *; do (  
    mkdir -p ../../$d
    cd ../../$d
    for f in ../nltk_data/packages/$d/*.zip; do
        unzip -o $f
); done
cd ~/nltk_data  
rm -fr nltk_data