Crypto def

Step 0:

you are in a dark room. there is a murmuring sound.

you realize the sound is actually multiple murmuring sounds. They are not you.

You are not them. You are separate being, into and of yourself. You are unique. You realize this now.

This is your Self.

(you are a unique crypto address)

Step 1:

You listen closer to the sounds and realize there are multiple voices contained within. Each one is unique, and has its own cadence and rhythm.

You realize you know everyone's names! The minute you tune into their unique accent, you can tell exactly who's doing the talking.

These are Others.

(they are different crypto addresses)

Step 2:

As you listen to the voices, you can't always make out what they're saying. You know who they are, but the sound is muffled. Other times, you can hear them loud and clear.

Sometimes, they are whispering to you directly. Other times, they may just call you by name. Either way, You feel important.

This is Listening.

(these are public and private messages. Each has an addressee, which might be you.)

Step 3:

After a while, you try to talk back to the voices, and you find that you speak their language perfectly! You can whisper back to voices, or you can speak normally.

This is Talking.

(these are public and private messages that you create.)

Step 4:

You open your eyes. You are at a cocktail party. You are dressed perfectly for the occasion. The voices are other partygoers. Everyone knows you.

You look around the room. It's a big party. (a ball, perhaps?) There are a lot of people here.

These are Peers.

(these are servers connected over a network.)

Step 5:

The party is fun, but you can't really hear anyone clearly except for those in your near vicinity. But soon, your friend Alice comes up and says, "hey, I just say Bob in the other room and he said to tell you...".

You know both Alice and Bob, so you believe Alice is probably telling the truth, but it also sounds like the kind of thing Bob would say, so it checks out.

This is Verification.

(the peer-to-peer network of servers passes messages to whomever needs to hear them)

Step 6:

You think of a clever and amusing response to Bob and ask Alice to please replay that back to him. You throw in an oblique reference to an inside joke so that she knows it's you.